The SUCBAS organisation comprises

  • The Steering Board,
  • The Co-ordination Group, and
  • The Operational Group and the Technical Group.


Steering Board

Each participating nation will be represented in the Steering Board by one senior national representative (SNR) on Chief of Staff of the NAVY HQ / NAVY Command level. SUCBAS Steering Board is the body that issues directives, operational policies, guidance and coordination on sea surveillance matters relating to SUCBAS for the cooperation. This is based on the decisions and mandate given to each member of the Steering Board by their individual nation.

Co-ordination Group

SUCBAS Coordination Group is the main body for implementation and coordination on sea surveillance matters relating to SUCBAS. The Coordination Group is responsible for the appropriate planning and preparation of new procedures. It is entitled to make decisions concerning the methods and technical solutions. Coordination Group is responsible for executing the decisions made by the Steering Board. The Coordination Group will issue directives to the Operational Group, the Technical Group an the Security Group and will report to Steering Board.

Subordinated to the Co-ordination Group are:

  • The Operational Group
  • The Technical Group.

These two group are responsible for development and maintenance of SUCBAS Concepts of Operations, Operational Procedures, and Automated Interoperability Solutions.

Chairing responsibility of the different groups and boards rotates between all SUCBAS countries on a annual basis.